Where Dream Begins

June 28, 2016

UFC #7 ranked fighter - Jake Shields

Jake Shields started wrestling at age of nine. Met Chuck Liddell in September of 1999 and he invited him to attend classes, then Jake had his first fight two weeks later.

Jake has his morning training doing sparring, kickboxing and pads; in the early evening, he does wrestling and jiu-jitsu; then either run or lift at night. There are three training session per day, though it might vary some from day to day.

- Quoted from Jake himself

'Years ago when I was starting out and trying to make a name for myself it was really tough. There were times when I was getting pressured to quit fight and get a 'real' job. It was tough but looking back I am glad that I never gave up because I would not trade the past 15 years of my life for anything.'

What could not defeat Jake is his warrior spirit – a ‘never give up’ spirit. And that's one of the common things he share with POSS - a team of enthusiastic fight fans, who passionate about what they love and fight for their dream.