POSS Retro Elite MMA Gloves White


With just the right combination of old school durability and cutting edge padding technology, our team at Poss are excited to present the Retro Elite MMA gloves.

Made from 100% synthetic leather and hand crafted in Thailand, the Retro Elite MMA gloves are ideal for both training and competition. Each finger and thumb opening utilizes reinforced leather, designed for comfort and durability.

Besides the slick aesthetics, the gloves have a unique single closure system, that provide both comfort and more importantly fantastic wrist support. Secured by a single branded Velcro strap, that has been repeatedly put through our rigorous testing system, the Retro Elite gloves ensure a high rate of injury prevention.

Using our lightweight high density memory foam, the 4 oz Retro Elite glove offer hand protection that is far superior to that of any generic MMA glove, so you can feel confident and secure when letting those heavy hands fly.


  • Handmade in Thailand with 100% synthetic leather
  • Lightweight high density foam provides superior hand protection
  • A single branded Velcro strap ensures a high rate of injury prevention
  • Reinforced leather in every finger and thumb opening, designed for comfort and durability


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