GT Kickboxing Gloves - Pink


Combining a premium leather chassis with 4 layers of high impact absorption memory foam and a hand-crafted ergonomic design, the GT Boxing Gloves are on the cutting edge of sweet science technology.

The fundamental shape and design of the gloves protects your hands by dispersing the force of impact evenly with each strike. The thumbs are tethered to the glove and an extra layer of high density foam has been incorporated just above the fighters’ wrist to prevent the risk of repeated stress impact and small joint fractures as you accelerate into your target.

Featuring our slick American muscle design and available in a range of colors, the GT Boxing gloves are the perfect vehicles for your hands in the gym and in the ring.

- 100% Genuine leather

- Ergonomically crafted for a snug-fit

- 4-layer density foam

- Reinforced stitching and seams for long-term durability

- Inner Velcro band for improved wrist support

- Handmade in Thailand

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