POSS GT Collection Kickboxing Shin Guards Black


Not all shin guards are created equal. Some offer great protection but are too bulky to move comfortably, while others are lightweight but will have you limping all the way home. Ever wondered why you always have to sacrifice one for the other? Well, so did we and, as it turns out, you can have both.

Introducing the GT Shin Guard, the ultimate high performance vehicle for your feet and shins. Featuring our signature GT design, the innovative construction process utilizes a new method of packing the dense foam layers within the synthetic leather chassis. This creates a streamlined and lightweight effect so that you can generate maximum torque while giving up nothing in the way of protection. Hand crafted in Thailand, the reinforced stitching guarantees the longevity of the product while a twin velcro closure system locks you in for the ride.

Combining vintage aesthetics with cutting edge technology, the GT Shin Guards lead the race in performance and safety.

- Reinforced stitching and seams for long-term durability

- Added dense foam and padding (shinbone and instep) for heighten shock absorption

- Handmade in Thailand

- Sizes available in Medium, Large, X-Large

Type: Shin Guards

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