Why Choose POSS

  • We are experienced in how to work with manufacturers for better compliance as well as time saving. For example QC inspections and keeping track of changes;
  • We have experience in manufacturing these products especially in the regions where they are based.
  • We also understand the markets’ requirements and can make small adjustments/improvements on the fly;
  • Easy and reliable for quick, effective and sensible conversation;
  • We take responsibility in case of any problems;
  • We do not play cat-and-mouse games.


Why Co-branding Uniforms Would Help Build Your Team And Brand

1. Uniforms for Projecting Competence

Uniforms can enable customers to identify staff in a gym setting, eliminating the possibility of a customer erroneously asking a fellow consumer for help. Staff wearing a uniform inspires confidence in the consumers by announcing that the individual is a professional with knowledge and a willingness to help. A uniform puts the force of the corporate reputation behind the individual, making him look reliable and trustworthy as a company and team representative.

2. Uniforms to Eliminate Dress Codes

Requiring staff to wear a uniform eliminates the need for creating and enforcing a dress code. In years past staff would usually wear similar, conservative clothing, but in today’s world, some tend to express their individuality through clothing. Enforcing a dress code is time consuming and can lead to hard feelings on the part of staff who are told that their attire is not appropriate for the workplace.

3. Uniforms for Portraying Professionalism

The best way to make your staff stand out from the crowd is by introducing uniforms. With customized uniforms, you can improve your brand identity. Uniforms can even work as a free advertising technique. If you add your brand name and/or team logo to the uniform, then it will act as a moving advertisement since not only your customers but also the common public will know about your team whenever they see your staff.

4. Uniforms for Customer Satisfaction

There are certain customer-oriented industries such restaurants, department stores, retail shops etc. where the workforce needs to look uniform. Customers can easily differentiate staff and therefore have a quick and easy access to assistance. Uniforms will make customers comfortable and confident in approaching your staff. Moreover, customers associate staff to a company or products through visual clues like uniforms. Uniforms will therefore develop a feel of reliability and professionalism towards the business and staff.

 5. Uniforms for Sense of Unity and Equality

When staff wear the clothes regardless of position or financial status, staff feel a sense of unity and equality. Clothing is key social class differentiator, which can create tension and jealousy. Removing this element can therefore contribute to healthier colleagues relationship and a better workplace environment.

5. Uniforms for Pride and Responsibility

Studies show that a uniform contributes directly to the productivity of staff. Staff who wear uniforms accompanied by brand name or logo are found to have a sense of pride and responsibility, which make them work honestly for the team. They feel motivated and encouraged to work for the team as they consider themselves representatives of the team. Bringing this sense of pride and responsibility will therefore have a positive impact on your business image and service quality.     


How to Work with Us

Step 1: Discuss design, budget and goals

Step 2: Draft designs for review and approval

Step 3: Sample production and review

Step 4: Full production