POSS Crimson Red II Muay Thai Shorts - Kickboxing Mixed Martial Arts Thai Boxing Trunks


Hand made in Thailand , the Crimson Red Muay Thai Kickboxing Shorts feature a traditional Thai design that has been hand embroidered with an homage to the monumental Radjadamnem Stadium, the one name that may be uttered in the same breath as Lumpinee without reproach.

A simple and elegant construction, utilizing a traditional elastic waistband that will hold position around your waist through even the most technical exchanges. Split outer leg seams ensure your mobility as you attack with kicks and knees.

Each pair is crafted using lightweight and durable crimson satin with a black trim finish. The Crimson Red Muay Thai Kickboxing shorts will inspire your followers and intimidate your opponents every time you step in the ring.


- Featuring elastic waistbands for maximum comfort and snug fitment

- 100% handmade in Thailand with Satin Fabric

- Available sizes in S, M, L

- Color: Red/Black



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