POSS GT Collection Low Kick Pad

When a POSS item bears the GT logo, you know that it was created for power and high performance. For most kickboxers and MMA fighters, nothing sends the message of power quite as clearly as a brutal leg kick. The technique may be simple but it only becomes truly effective after thousands of repetitions and for that you need a low kick pad that is durable enough to absorb a high level of blunt force trauma time and time again.

Packed and layered with our cutting edge high density foam, wrapped in heavy duty synthetic leather and hand crafted in Thailand, the GT low kick pad can not only handle the repetitive impact of your strikes but it will evenly absorb and distribute the force making it comfortable for trainers to hold.

Branded with the GT design and Poss logo, the pad features an ergonomic design that has been coupled with secure fittings and field tested for equal balance. The GT low kick pad is the ultimate high performance tool for any Muay Thai, kickboxing or MMA fighter.


  • Handmade in Thailand with 100% synthetic leather
  • Layered with high density foam 
  • Wrapped in heavy duty synthetic leather

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