POSS GT Collection MMA Gloves


Hand made in Thailand and inspired by pure American muscle, the GT MMA glove is the perfect vehicle for your hands in the cage. Fighters are showing a lot of love for the design, like its namesake, the look is just a bonus, the handling and performance is what it’s really all about.

Premium synthetic leather covers a built-in multilayered foam system for increased shock absorption and protection. A lightweight single branded strap closure offers vital wrist support and gives less resistance when sliding in that rear naked choke. Every finger and thumb opening is crafted with reinforced leather, specifically designed for comfort and durability.

Put your foot down, switch it up a gear and unload that horsepower with each shot, the GT MMA gloves have everything you need to help you get to the finish line.


  • Handmade in Thailand with 100% synthetic leather
  • Built-in high density foam to increase shock absorption and protection
  • One single branded strap with an inner elastic strap to offer vital wrist support
  • Reinforced leather in every finger and thumb opening, designed for comfort and durability

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