POSS GT Collection Thai Kick Pads (pair)

As part of our exciting GT series we decided to create the ultimate Thai pad. The GT Thai Pad is the perfect tool to mold professional fighters and guide the kickboxing enthusiast.

With its streamlined curved design and four layers of memory foam padding, the GT pad not only absorbs the shock and vibrations of the most devastating blows but provides just the right amount of resistance to help condition your shins for impact.

Hand crafted in Thailand using 100% synthetic leather, the pad is incredibly lightweight and versatile which allows the trainer to move freely with the fighter. Once secured to your trainer’s forearms with its two adjustable straps and flexible grip handle, the increased agility and state-of-the-art reinforced wrist protection ensures that it can be held safely at any angle, enhancing the accuracy of the target to help you perfect your technique and form.

Branded with our GT design and Poss logo, the GT Thai pad is built for speed, power and to create angles that will satisfy even the most unorthodox striker.


  • Handmade in Thailand with 100% synthetic leather
  • Streamlined curved design to absorbs multi-angle strikes
  • 4-layered foam construction to maximize shock protection
  • Ultra lightweight and versatile
  • Adjustable straps and flexible grip handle to increase flexibility and enhance accuracy of the target
  • Measurements (approx.): 12.5'' x 8'' x 2.7''
  • Sold as pair (2 pads)


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