POSS GT Focus Mitts Red/Blue (pair)


The best feature of the GT Focus Mitts is the ultra lightweight design, which optimizes control and maximizes your ability to move with the fighter and maneuver quickly to create any possible angle.

GT Focus Mitts were created with the safety of both fighter and trainer in mind. Each mitt contains a multilayered foam core to absorb the brutal impact and vibrations of hand and leg strikes safely. We have also included a comfortable absorption zone for the trainers wrist, constructed using the same foam technology.  

Handmade in Thailand using 100% synthetic leather, the Focus Mitts also feature our GT design and Poss logo. Whether you are a boxer, kickboxer or MMA fighter the GT Focus Mitts are the perfect tool for developing hand speed and technique safely.


  • Handmade in Thailand with 100% synthetic leather
  • Multilayered foam core to absorb brutal impact and develop techniques and speed safely
  • Extra wrist support to provide a comfortable position for trainer's wrist
  • Super lightweight, optimizes control and allows quick maneuver


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