POSS Raven Black Retro Shorts - Kickboxing Mixed Martial Arts Thai Boxing Trunks


Hand made in Thailand, the Raven Black Retro Muay Thai Kickboxing shorts pay homage to one of the greatest Thai boxing warriors, Palangpon. With dozens of fights at both Lumpinee and Radjadmnem stadium, at 110 pounds he is a force to be reckoned with.

In terms of functionality the shorts have a simple yet durable drawstring to tighten at the fighters and split outer leg seams for uninhibited movement.

The shorts are crafted from jet black satin with a white trim,the legs are embroidered with blood red traditional designs. Although the color black is usually synonymous with evil, in this case it represents the void or the 5th ring of Miyamoto Musashi. The state of empty mind a fighter may reach after years of conditioning and training, where they exist and thrive in the moment of combat without hesitation or insecurity. No, this product are not a short cut to this state of being , but we can guarantee that you’re gonna look pretty cool.


- Featuring elastic waistbands for maximum comfort and snug fitment

- 100% handmade in Thailand with Satin Fabric

- Available sizes in S, M, L

- Color: Black

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